Attached are the required documents for the forthcoming NCYFL AGM on Wednesday June 14 at Horsford Village Hall for 7.30.

Address is: Horsford Village Hall, Holt Road, Horsford, NR10 3DN

Please note a maximum of two attendees per club with one vote per club. All clubs are required to attend, and are subject to a fine for non-attendance.

On entering can you please pick up a voting card for your club. On it you will find a paper clipped to it. This is for ballot vote for the position of Chairman of the league for the coming season.

Can you indicate your club vote by putting a cross in the box next to the person your club would like to elect as chairman.

There will be a box provided for you to put the ballot papers in, once completed, and a box for the paper clips. Please make sure you complete the ballot paper before the meeting begins.

The ballot papers will then be counted by a member of Norfolk County FA and the outcome will be informed by them.

As you will see from my secretary’s report, included in the attached, I am standing down as secretary. I have, however, been asked by members of the committee to stand as Chairman which I have accepted. As you will see Rob Boulter has also been nominated by other members of the committee to stand.

Hence the ballot mentioned above.

I would appreciate your deliberation on my nomination for Chairman.

Michael Mills
NCYFL Secretary