League Funding

Funding is only available for players that are registered for a team playing in Norfolk Combined Youth Football League.

All matches claimed for referee bursary’s and bonuses must be matches completed in Norfolk Combined Youth Football League.

Clubs that receive referees in appointed divisions should complete this form after every NCYFL match. This must be submitted within 48 hours of kick off.

NCYFL may provide discretionary payments to players who have received serious injury as a result of action taking place in a NCYFL matc during the current season.

NCYFL will provide a bursary payment to referees upon completion of the FA Referee Course and completion of 8 matches within NCYFL. At least 5 matches must be completed at U11 and above, and 3 can be completed at mini soccer. Your name must be input by the home team on Full-Time for all fixtures.

Providing a referee selects on their preference form availability for NCYFL matches when re-registering with Norfolk County FA for the season, they are entitled to this scheme. They must be appointed by the Norfolk County FA Referee Appointment Officer to a match in one of our eligible divisions. After 10 games completed, £25 bonus, after 20 cumulative completed, £50 bonus, after 30 cumulative completed, £75 bonus, the opportunity to earn an extra £150 just by officiating in our league. After the 30 matches, you start again at 0 and can start earning the £25, £50 and £75 again.

NCYFL League Committee are committing funds from our legacy to be able to provide an additional £40 per player towards the cost of the glasses. The cost will depend upon each child’s individual needs but the discount will go a long way towards providing this essential equipment.