Last Sunday on the 4th June, one of our League Referee Officers; Harvey Newstead attended the RA-FA National County Youth Council Development Programme Day 2017 at St. George’s Park alongside Referee Andy Moncur. Both are currently part of the newly formed Youth Council here in Norfolk and both work as part of the Referee team on the council.

On arrival, the members were given a leadership based task with leaders from around our world stuck up around the walls and the participants had to write characteristics that made them a good leader. This was then reflected on in the opening by RA-FA Youth Council Chairman Adam Davies. Throughout the day the attendees were split into four groups and went around the day participating in four different sessions with a message to take away from each workshop.

Each session was led by members of the RA-FA Youth Council Team.
The Layout of the Day
• Session 1- challenging your thought process, mindset and how we can do things differently.
• Session 2- creative and innovative ideas. • Lunch followed by a leadership session
• Session 3- a outside activity group activity about teamwork and communication
• Session 4- a session based on project delivery.
• Evaluation & Finish up- attendees looked at what they’ve learnt and created action points to take away back to Norfolk.

Harvey and Andy, thoroughly enjoyed the day and took away lots elements to implement into their Youth Council structure and local Referees’ Association. The pair now look forward to working together to fulfill the action points created and as a League we hope this will benefit the referees in our League moving forward.