The rules below were approved by all clubs when they agreed to play in the NCYFL for this season.

8(N)(i) Priority must be given at all times to school and school organisations activities. Failure to comply with this Rule will result in a fine (in accordance with the Fines Tariff).

LR10.3 Matches may only be played on any day of the week other than the usual match day as determined by the Competition with the agreement of both teams and the approval of the Fixture Secretary.

LR10.4 Postponement of any scheduled fixture will only be permitted in the following circumstances:

  1. Entry into a National or County FA Competition
  2. Providing 3 or more players for League Representative matches, County School teams or trials
  • Any school activity under Rule 8(N)(i) involving 3 players or more
  1. Any official Scout parade i.e. St George’s Day
  2. On instruction from the Management Committee, League Secretary or Divisional Secretary
  3. Adverse weather conditions

With the exception of points v) and vi) above, at least 7 days notice of any such postponement shall be given. Failure to give the required notice may result in a fine in accordance with the Fines Tariff.

LR10.5 In the event of a team postponing a fixture under LR10.4(iii)the Club must provide to the Competition appropriate evidence within 7 days of the scheduled fixture.

To clarify a few points raised in conversations with people: –

Other than the allowed postponements covered by the above rules, a match not played on the fixture date will be classed as a cancellation of a match.

All teams aged U12-U18 are entitled to one penalty free cancellation per season. If costs are incurred by the opposing team, you could be liable for these.

Fixture Secretaries can grant postponements for official standard County school holiday dates (as advised to Clubs at the start of the season) provided the Fixtures Secretary is given at least 14 days-notice. School activities such as an organised trip, D of E events which are organised by the school are acceptable reasons for a fixture to be postponed but football, rugby, hockey etc are NOT acceptable reasons to allow a postponement.

In normal circumstances, all postponed and cancelled fixtures will be rearranged by the Fixtures Secretary

For a cancellation BOTH teams must write in to the league secretary and age group fixture secretary, within 72 hours of the match not being played, with the reason/s for the cancellation.

A charge will be issued to the offending team, via the club secretary from the league secretary, informing them the match was cancelled and the reason given for it being cancelled and the sanction to expect.

The club secretary then has seven days to accept, deny or put in a plea of mitigation to the charge, to the league secretary, which will then be heard by the committee at the next meeting following receipt of the charge.

If no mitigation is received within the time frame, then the committee will deal with it as though the team has accepted the charge and deduct the appropriate points from the team.

If the mitigation is proven, this will be decided at the next available committee meeting, then there will be no points deducted for the team.

A cancellation will incur a points deduction for the offending team unless a case for mitigation to the charge is submitted in writing within the required time for not playing at the appointed time and date.

For any team, a second cancellation will incur a one point deduction, a third will be a two point deduction and the fourth will be a three point deduction. Any further cancellations, by the same team, will be brought before the committee for them to decide any further sanctions.

In all cases the club secretary will be informed of the outcome by the league secretary after the meeting. The club then has the right to appeal the decision to NCFA following this if they do not agree with the committee decision.