This must be completed by somebody with the role of Club Secretary or Club Secretary (Asst) on the Whole Game System.

Step 01:
Log in to Whole Game System.

Step 02:
Check that the person you wish to have access to Full-Time is in your club.

Step 03:
Click the Safeguarding tab and search for the person. (Person not there? – Skip to Step 07).

Step 04:
Click on the person’s name and their FAN profile will load.

Step 05:
Click Edit Details. (If Edit Details does not appear, and says Locked, please contact Norfolk FA.)

Step 06:
Ensure the email address (personal) and mobile phone number are correct and up to date, then save the profile.

Step 07
Now you have confirmed the person is attached to your club, click the Team Details tab and press the blue Add Official button.

Step 08
A pop up box will appear, either search by FAN or search by details for the person you wish to give rights to. Always search first for a person as they may have been at another club at some point in the past – if no results are found, please select Create New Contact and fill out all the details, including email address and mobile phone number.

Step 09
Once the person has been found or created…
Change the Select Team drop down for the team you wish the person to have access to on Full-Time
Change the Select Role drop down to either Manager, Manager (asst) or Team Secretary depending on their role.
You will not be able to allocate the Manager or Manager (asst) role unless the person has a valid CRC
Set the Start date to today’s date, and tick the box next to the person’s FAN number, and then press OK.

Step 10
This will have updated their record to give them rights to Full-Time. An invitation for Full-Time access will be sent. They can then assign their phone number for the SMS result system.