Whilst we have had a good footballing start to the season, we continue to experience administrative issues with a number of clubs.  There are a large number of team managers who do not have an email address listed on their FAN, which means we are unable to provide log-ins for the Full Time system.

This is not something which we are able to correct – the managers listed below MUST work with their club and Norfolk County FA to add an email to their FAN.  Any incomplete match returns may result in a fine and/or further sanctions for the team.  We are no longer going to spend committee member time chasing this matter – sanctions could ultimately include a withdrawal of fixtures.

If you know one of the team managers listed below, please help bring this to their attention!

Jon Fitzgerald – Attleborough Town F.C. U9 Blues
Andrew Gwilliam – Aylsham F.C (Ltd) U12 Heat
Mark Ewing – Bulldogs F.C. U10 Avengers
Steven Tindall – Bulldogs F.C. U10 Gold
Connor Townsend – Bulldogs F.C. U10 Marvels
Michael Richardson – Bulldogs F.C. U11 Avengers
Tobi Rolph – Bulldogs F.C. U11 Avengers
Thomas Hopkins – Bulldogs F.C. U11 Marvels
Iain Hewett – Bulldogs F.C. U12 Avengers
Lee Dowson – Bulldogs F.C. U12 Marvels
Robbie O’Connor – Bulldogs F.C. U8
Ryan Hinsley – Bulldogs F.C. U9 Marvels
Andrew Morris – Dereham Saints F.C. U14
Matthew Earl – Firside Athletic F.C. U12 Hurricanes
Stuart Willimott – Firside Athletic F.C. U12 Hurricanes
Peter Camp – Harleston Youth F.C. U12
Gavin Brosche – Heigham Park Rangers F.C. U10 Lions
Samuel Brown – Heigham Park Rangers F.C. U11 Reds
Jennifer Carlin – Heigham Park Rangers F.C. U11 Whites
Joshua Carus – Heigham Park Rangers F.C. U11 Whites
Tim Buxton – Heigham Park Rangers F.C. U14
Samuel Metcalfe – Lakeford Rangers Juniors F.C. U10
David Yarham – North Walsham Town F.C. U9
Mark Blythe – Norwich United Youth F.C. U15 Lions
Simon Grand – Norwich United Youth F.C. U15 Lions
Daniel Dye – Old Catton Juniors F.C. U11 Pumas
Daniel Cullington – Old Catton Juniors F.C. U8 Pumas
Bruce Bailey – Reepham Town F.C. U8
Elliot Egleton-Dagg – Swanton Morley F.C. U10 Blacks
Matthew Mullins – Tasburgh United F.C. U9
Thomas Allen – Taverham F.C. U8 Lions
Peter Sayer – Watton Juniors F.C. U11
Steven Hill – Wymondham Town United F.C. U10 Panthers
Alexander Bowles – Wymondham Town United F.C. U9 Falcons