Newly appointed youth referees officer Harvey Newstead was given the opportunity to referee Premier League Futsal alongside Tim Sadler and Harry Diggens on the 14th January in Kettering. Last weekend he was joined by Andy Moncur to referee across Saturday and Sunday in Swindon.

Across the weekend we refereed many academies including: Brighton, Charlton, Chelsea, West Ham, Fulham, Watford, Reading on Saturday. On Sunday we had Bristol City, Bristol Rovers, Reading, Southampton, Swansea, Watford and Wolves. It was great to referee new academies which I have never done before. It was really enjoyable and great to meet and work with other Futsal referees, and to also gain lots of knowledge off their experiences – this will help me develop going forward.

We spent Saturday evening reviewing our own performances in the hotel, and did a laws of the game test. We also watched some match clips and tested each other on our decisions.

So overall the weekend was a great success, which I really enjoyed!