Thank you for all your responses to chasers for getting affiliations completed. I appreciate there are a few problems with getting some of these through.
Norfolk FA have put through data as it is for Full-Time so we can get organised for the start of the season. This means what you see may not be correct but we will be sorting that as we get WGS right. Hope all your player registrations go through without problems. There are 146 there already. This is far better than previous seasons.
James is now sorting out logins for new managers. ¬†All existing logins will still work. Please can you ensure that all new managers know they will receive logins in due course. Can you also remind existing managers that passwords are case sensitive and can they try that before approaching James for a reset. Most of the passwords resets he had to do last season were because the manager hadn’t used the password they had with the right case sensitive letters.
There is a lot of work for James to sort Full-Time. We will rely on you to pass out this message and we won’t respond to any emails from managers received over the next couple of weeks on this.