AGM – 4th June at 7pm

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be hosting our AGM this year using Microsoft Teams. Upon completing the form, you will receive an invitation to the meeting and instructions on how to download Microsoft Teams. Please note that only 1 member per club can attend this year. This change has been approved by The FA in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As new clubs, you will not be allowed to vote on the rule changes or anything proposed on the evening.

This scheme opened on 3rd September 2023. Fixtures can be claimed from that date onwards.
The first 10 fixtures entitles you to a £25 bonus.
The next 10 fixtures entitles you to a £50 bonus.
The final 10 fixtures entitles you to a £75 bonus.

Once 30 fixtures have been completed, you can start again from 0 and begin again.
Eligible matches are those appointed by Norfolk FA Referee Appointments Officers for matches in Norfolk Combined Youth Football League, matches in other leagues or County Cups are not eligible.
Date Age Group Home Team Away Team Actions
You can add 10 fixtures per claim.