Dear All,


We hope you are all well and keeping safe.


Norfolk Combined Youth Football League feel that this is the right time for us to communicate to clubs and let you all know what our thoughts on the current situation and how we go forwards.


You will all know that there isn’t a date for the lockdown to stop and even when it does, we don’t know what restrictions will still be in place. We have looked at how much football has been played across the age groups and how many fixtures are still left to be played. 


Sadly, we know that it will not be possible to complete the league programme of fixtures, even if football could start in the next couple of weeks. We have decided that it is better to give clubs some certainty on what is going to happen. So, we have decided that the 2020-21 league fixtures are now null and void.


That said, when it is possible to play football again, we would like to finish the Kappa Cup & 4sports Trophy competitions for Under 12 to Under 18, as we think this is feasible. We will also look to run the trophy events for the Under 7 to Under 11’s. 


Teams in Under 12 to Under 18 that do want to play football when it is possible to do so, can still play games if the teams agree these between them, but the results won’t count towards a league competition. 


We will not be using a points per game basis to finish league tables this season. We will roll over the divisions as they are for Under 12 to Under 18. If any team has had a change in circumstance, COVID-19 has impacted in a number of ways, and a team feels that they are not placed at an appropriate level can the club secretary please contact me. The league will consider all requests to move but can’t guarantee that we can make all changes that are requested. Under 11’s going in to Under 12 we hope there will be an opportunity to play a trophy event that will help determine placings at Under 12.


We are also thinking ahead to next season, all the monies that clubs have paid for this season will be rolled over to next season. This means that the money paid to the league for this season will be a credit for the invoice for next season. Clubs will only then pay for any new teams that are entered. There will not be refunds for teams that do not wish to continue.


Still thinking ahead for next season, we would like to hold a virtual event to get some engagement with clubs and coaches about formats, next season and the close of this season.


As a league, we are happy to run the following formats, most of which we currently offer but we are aware that the age groups transitioning from one format to another may want to discuss and think about what format is right for them. The league will run any provision providing there is sufficient club interest for it to be viable. 

We will, as previously advised, welcome any applications from girls’ teams who may wish to join NCYFL.


The formats we currently offer are:


Under 7 – Under 8:  5v5


Under 9 – Under 10: 7v7 or 5v5


Under 11 – Under 12: 9v9


Under 13 – Under 14: 11v11


Under 15 – Under 18: 11v11


We can, and have before offered formats at:

Under 11: 7v7

Under 13: 9v9


We will send details of the virtual event shortly. In order to be able to have as many people take part as possible it will be a Microsoft Teams Live Event. Only NCYFL committee members will be visible/speaking and all questions/suggestions will need to be submitted via the chat facility. This is the only practical way that we can do this.


Finally, if clubs have any proposals for changes to Local Rules or SCORY, please submit these to us by Sunday 31st January. 


Stay safe,

NCYFL Committee