NCYFL Awards

It is a tough job and in a lot of respects a thankless task being a coach or Club Secretary, without whom football as we know it just wouldn’t happen. ​ We would like to recognise the people in our league who are doing this by introducing awards for those who are ‘smashing it’​. The recognition will be different to other awards as it will be recognition by your peers.

We will be giving awards in the following categories:
Age Group Coach of the Year
Club Secretary of the Year

The league committee will set the criteria and vote for the club secretary that in our view deserves the recognition.

The Coach of the Year nominations are not open to the general public. Coaches cannot nominate themselves, or assistant and vice versa or other coaches within your club. These awards are about recognising coaches that you meet and play. All nominations will be checked against the NCYFL Club Database to ensure nominations are valid.